Employee Fundraising

Employee Fundraising

The Cooper Standard Foundation is pleased to support our employees’ charitable contributions. When a group of four or more employees gathers to raise funds for a charity that is within the mission of the Foundation, a match will be made in the name of the team to the designated charitable cause/organization.

Please note: due to industry challenges, our employee fundraising program has been temporarily paused. We hope to be able to offer this option again for 2023.


Please complete and submit a request for funds to ensure the activity falls within the Foundation's guidelines.

Once fundraising is complete and match is granted, a tax identification certificate (e.g. W-9 or equivalent) and copy of a government issued charity status letter must be submitted.

For an employee match outside of the United States, funds will be wire transfer only. Employees must submit to the Foundation the following information provided by the charity on their letterhead for the wire transfer to occur:

  1. Name of charity
  2. Address of charity
  3. Phone number of charity
  4. Charity tax identification number (EIN) and documentation of tax exempt status
  5. Charity Bank account SWIFT code so we can wire transfer the money to the charity


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